(Aug. 14/13) After extensive lobbying efforts by CRFA and our members over many years, Saskatchewan finally announced 77 changes to provincial liquor regulations in late 2012. The first 39 changes took effect this May, and in early August the government announced a further 37 changes.

What do these changes mean for you?
These modernized regulations mean:

  • eligible restaurants can operate off-sale outlets;
  • caterers can provide alcohol with food at catered events;
  • specialty beer gets an off-sale endorsement;
  • high-alcohol content specialty beer can be re-corked;
  • a voluntary BYOW program takes effect;
  • restaurants can serve alcohol to guests without a meal;
  • restaurants can operate as adults-only taverns after 8 p.m.; and
  • the maximum size of restaurant lounges increases to equal dining areas.

Click here for a full list of changes.


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