(May 2/16)

We need your support!

Following a consultation process, the government will announce the new minimum wage rate later this month, effective Oct. 1.
Restaurants Canada has been working with a group of Alberta members to deliver a message to the government to slow down the proposed minimum wage increases. Our three recommendations are that the government:

  1. Postpone minimum wage increases until the economy improves,
  2. Retain the liquor server wage (scheduled to be eliminated October 2016), and
  3. Introduce a youth wage.

We’ve just launched a website to reinforce these messages: www.NotTheTime.ca. In addition to laying out our recommendations, the website offers you and your staff a simple e-mail you can send to the premier, the labour minister, and your local MLA, telling them why these recommendations are so important.
The government needs to hear from as many of you as possible before they make their decision.
Here are two ways to add your voice and support our recommendations:

  1. Visit www.NotTheTime.ca to send a message to the premier, labour minister, and your MLA, and to make a donation to help us get the word out.
  2. Stay informed on the minimum wage issue by reviewing the information provided on the following links:

Restaurants Canada’s media release and supporting information.
Restaurants Canada’s Alberta minimum wage submission.
Calgary Herald editorial agreeing with Restaurants Canada’s position on minimum wage.
And an op-ed in the Calgary Herald written by Mark von Schellwitz of Restaurants Canada, explaining our position and why we’ve taken it.
For more information on how you can help, please contact Mark von Schellwitz at mark@restaurantscanada.org or Joyce Reynolds at jreynolds@restaurantscanada.org.


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