(Apr. 4/16) – Restaurants Canada and the Alberta Minimum Wage Industry Advisory Committee continue to talk to the Alberta government on minimum wage in that province. We are recommending that they:

  • not proceed with another large minimum wage increase in 2016,
  • maintain the liquor server wage currently scheduled to be eliminated in October, and
  • implement a youth minimum wage.

We asked for your opinions on minimum wage, and have collected a comprehensive industry survey on the impact of a $15 minimum wage:

  • 94% of you said a $15 wage would have a very negative impact on business
  • 89% would be forced to increase menu prices
  • 77% would have to reduce staff hours
  • 49% would lay off staff as a result.

Hundreds of you also said the 2015 minimum wage increase has already forced menu price increases, reduced staff and operating hours, and led to poorer service and cancelled expansion plans. Given Alberta’s shrinking economy and increasing unemployment rate, now is a poor time for another significant increase in minimum wage.
More than 149,700 Albertans work in the restaurant industry, and we are the number one source of first jobs.
Thanks to the hundreds of Alberta members who took the time to respond to our survey. An announcement on the 2016 minimum wage is expected by the end of May.
Interested in participating in Alberta minimum wage meetings? Contact Mark von Schellwitz, Restaurants Canada Vice President of Western Canada, at mark@restaurantscanada.org.


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