(Mar. 26/14) Following the success of extended liquor hours during the Sochi Olympics, Alberta is considering greater flexibility for licensees.

The Sochi success
In response to member requests, Restaurants Canada convinced the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) to allow licensees to start liquor service at 5 a.m. so customers could watch the Olympic hockey medal games at restaurants and bars.

Due to the success of this unprecedented move, Finance Minister Doug Horner (also responsible for liquor licensing) announced he would consult partners, including licensees, on whether similar flexible licensing requests should be approved in the future.

Have your say
Minister Horner also confirmed he will review the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Act next year. Licensees can advocate for more flexible liquor licensing hours, as well as changes to other licensee regulations.

Tell us how you think Alberta’s liquor laws should be modernized. Contact Restaurants Canada’s Mark von Schellwitz at mark@restaurantscanada.org.


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