By Chris Elliott, Senior Economist (May 17/16) With time-starved consumers looking for new ways to balance the demands of home and work, ‘grab and go’ meal kits are making an entrance on the restaurant scene. These kits include all the ingredients for a meal, ready to mix up or heat up at home.

‘Grab and go’ meal kits appeal to busy consumers, and might help you regain market share from grocery stores that sell in the same category.

The good news is, consumers are interested in this product. The bad news is, not at the same price as a sit-down meal. Only 4% of respondents would purchase a ‘grab and go’ meal kit if the price was the same as in the restaurant. A 10% discount appeals to just 7% of respondents. With a 20% discount, interest jumps significantly to 22% of respondents. And with a 30% discount, 42% of Canadians would be interested, although that large a discount may not be feasible.


Other facts:

  • Half your customers are using smartphones to check your location, directions, and hours of operation
  • 42% of 18- to 34-year-olds have used a smartphone to order takeout or delivery
  • 16% of 18- to 34-year-olds have used a smartphone or app to pay for a meal

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