(April 15/15) The Canadian Dairy Commission’s (CDC’s) 1.8 per cent price cut on industrial milk took effect on March 1. This means lower dairy costs for our members – provided dairy processors and suppliers pass on the savings to you.

What’s reduced: Ice cream, yogurt, all cheese, all butter, and skim milk products.
What’s exempt: Fluid milk and cream (Class 1 dairy products).
Potential savings: If the full 1.8 per cent drop is passed on to our members, you will see savings of 10 to 15 cents per kilo of cheese, for example.

Restaurants Canada has lobbied against the CDC’s unreasonable price increases for years. We are now pressuring dairy processors to pass on the full price cut to our members.

Are you getting your slice?
We need to hear from you so we can ensure you’re getting your slice of the savings. Fill out our short survey by April 20, 2015 to have your say.


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