(Feb. 12/14) The Government of British Columbia supports all 73 recommendations made by the B.C. Liquor Review Chair, including many of CRFA’s. In addition to thepositive licensing changes announced in December, the government’s final report released on Jan. 31 also shows it plans to address some of CRFA’s other concerns, such as:

  • the wholesale pricing disparity, and the need to review liquor pricing and establish minimum prices for Happy Hours;
  • municipal and First Nations input with a view to speed up the licensing process;
  • liquor licensee licence penalties, including placing more emphasis on penalties for minors who try to obtain liquor service; and
  • the unlevel regulatory playing field between private licensees and LDB.

Minister Anton noted that liquor pricing is complex, but the government is working on pricing details, including minimum price, to be announced later. She also confirmed the B.C. Liquor Act amendments will be introduced in the spring legislative session.

Click here (PDF) for the B.C. Liquor Review Report and 73 recommendations.


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