Sample survey comments:

“The expense of credit card fees equates to 2.5% of our revenue. From our business alone they collected $50,000 in 2012. This is a lot for small businesses trying to make it in a struggling tourist economy.”

“There are too many undisclosed fees attached to premium credit cards.”

“All I know is the fees I am paying have doubled in the last six years.”

“Our combined credit card costs average $4,500 a month, as opposed to $150 for debit. That’s $4,500 straight off the bottom line in a very competitive business.”


“We will have to lay off some employees to save on costs as we cannot raise product price very often.”

“My share of profits is 2 to 3%. I give 2% to the credit card companies. This is ridiculous if you consider how much work I put in every day.”

“How is it possible that we provide the service/business transaction and make less than the credit card provider?”

“The fees are too high and too complicated! You never end up paying the rate you were quoted and there are so many different rates it looks like you’re getting double billed.”


“They are taking away our ability to create jobs.”

** Results are based on an online survey of CRFA members from September 24 to October 3, 2013. More than 280 surveys were completed.


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