(Jan. 29/14) In CRFA’s Ontario pre-budget consultation with the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs, beverage alcohol created quite a stir. Committee members were surprised to learn our members pay more than the public at the LCBO. They were especially displeased to hear of how licensees are gouged on beer prices at The Beer Store.

Representatives from all three parties committed to working with CRFA to find solutions for our members.

Brand Public Price for 24 Licensee Price for 24
Coors Light  $34.95  $44.75
Molson Canadian $34.95 $44.75
Budweiser $34.95 $44.75
Bud Light $34.95 $44.75
Blue $29.95 $44.75
Heineken $46.95 $54.87
Keith’s $41.50 $46.13
Sleeman Original  $33.95  $44.75
Stella Artois $46.95  $54.87
Mill Street Organic $45.95 $45.95
Moosehead $41.50 $46.13
Steam Whistle $45.95 $49.45
Wellington SPA $45.00  $38.10
Muskoka Dark Ale $44.95  $44.95

Note: Ontario’s craft brewers charge licensees and the public a similar price. (Guelph’s Wellington Brewery charges licensees a considerably lower price). In contrast, the companies that own The Beer Store mark up licensee prices by $10 to $15. CRFA shared this chart with the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs in pre-budget consultation on Jan. 16, 2014.


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