Every December, our family celebrates the end of the year by going out to dinner one evening between Christmas and New Year’s. The purpose of the dinner, other than spending quality time together, is to share our favourite memories of the past year. We go around the table taking turns talking about what we loved about the past twelve months. And in 2016, our meal of gratitude was at a local pizzeria, Queen Margherita Pizza.

2016 was a year many people were glad to see the end of. But that’s why it’s important to be conscious of gratitude. Once we got started, we couldn’t share our best moments quickly enough. Some of our favourite memories were monumental, like taking in the views from Castelo dos Mouros on a family trip to Portugal. But it was surprising how many smaller memories we had that were just as great: a Thanksgiving weekend hike with my mom, or a picnic by Lake Ontario on the August long weekend. In fact, we had so much to be grateful for that we were still sharing memories when the bill came.

Last year alone we celebrated a number of happy moments in restaurants, from a graduation celebration to a friend’s milestone birthday. But one of my favourite traditions will always be our year-end family dinner, when we celebrate the past and anticipate the future over a pizza dinner.


2 responses to “Beth’s Story: A time to reminisce”

  1. Arabi Siva says:

    That’s such a lovely story Beth! You have a beautiful family tradition.

  2. Carol A. Facca says:

    So nice Beth!

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