From responsible service to pricing and distribution, we keep liquor-licensed restaurants and bars up-to-date and informed. We’re also a voice for fair pricing for licensees, who in many provinces pay as much or more than retail price for beer, wine and spirits.


Laws & Regulations

Liquor Legislation Across Canada
Liquor Service Training Regulations Across Canada

Pricing & Distribution

Raise the Bar report card on provincial liquor systems
2016 progress report on activities since Raise the Bar

Responsible Service

Best Practices for Responsible Service
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British Columbia
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Get the 2016 progress report on activities since our campaign to “Raise the Bar” on provincial liquor policies



Let’s Stop Your Alcohol Taxes from Going Up. Now. (May 15/17)

Restaurant Canada is Telling Federal Politicians to Cork the Tax (May 5/17)

Poll: Rate your Province’s Alcohol System (May 5/17)


Victory in Alberta! Draught Beer Line Cleaning Rules Overturned (Nov. 1/16)

Mandatory FASD poster changes Sept. 9 (Sept. 7/16)

British Columbia

Free Education Program for B.C. Liquor Licensees (Apr. 6/17)

B.C. Licensees Must Post New Social Responsibility Materials (Jan. 26/17)

B.C.’s liquor policies are changing (Nov. 3/16)


N.L.’s Budget Has Tasty Morsels for Restaurant Operators (Apr. 7/17)

Positive changes to liquor policies (Jul. 11/16)

Nova Scotia

Craft Beer Markups Drop in Nova Scotia (Apr. 6/17)

Nova Scotia Restaurateurs Save on Craft Beer (Feb. 23/17)

Positive changes to liquor policies (Jul. 11/16)


Ontario Will Make it Easier to Apply for Liquor Licences (Apr. 6/17)

Update to Raise the Bar (Feb. 19/16)

Prince Edward Island

P.E.I. Takes Action to Reduce Red Tape for Island Restaurants (Aug. 26/16)

Changes to liquor policies (Jul. 11/16)


Good Progress on the Alcohol Front in Quebec (Oct. 5/17)

Quebecers Want Better Access to a Wide Variety of Wine (Apr. 27/17)

Quebec Budget Gets Personal Taxes Right, But Fails on Alcohol (Mar. 29/17)

A Victory for Raise the Bar! (Feb. 19/16)


Saskatchewan Licensees: Do You Serve It Right? (Jan. 26/17)

Raise the Bar Victory! (Mar. 7/16)


Yukon announces wholesale liquor pricing (Jan. 27/15)