(Feb. 4/18): Since January 1, the Wynne government’s Bill 148 has been wreaking havoc throughout Ontario’s labour and small business communities.

Restaurants Canada told the Wynne government on countless occasions about the impact Bill 148 will have on the province’s foodservice industry. Those warnings have become a reality.

Now that the bill has been in effect for more than a month, more sectors are reporting how negatively the changes and rising costs are affecting them.

Ontario’s daycare industry responded to Bill 148 by increasing fees and passing them on to the parents whose children attend daycare, demanding they fork over hundreds of dollars more each month to help offset the labour wage increases.

In response, Premier Wynne said the government may provide tax-dollar subsidies to counter the increases.

On January 24, Calvin Cain, Regional Director for the Ontario Homes for Special Needs Association, told the Hamilton Spectator that the rising labour costs stemming from Bill 148’s implementation is putting local residential care facilities on the path to closure unless immediate financial relief is provided by the municipal or provincial governments.

The steep rise in the minimum wage and costly labour reforms is simply too much too fast for Ontario’s labour industry.


3 responses to “Bill 148 Labour Issues Spreading Beyond Ontario’s Foodservice Industry”

  1. Absolutely right.Bill 48 has put successful small businesses upside down and in deep turmoil.For what ? Just to score few political points.

  2. john sorensen says:

    Too funny really. Don’t forget even the new Cannabis industry is saying they are having to raise their prices as well. What does this and day care all have in common versus Tim Hortons. Government sanctions/help subsidize the Cannabis and the Day Care Industry but do not do anything for Private Industry such as Tim Hortons. Premier Wynne can then find it very acceptable to throw Private Industry leaders, from small business to Tim Hortons, under the Bus, (you know…if business is not strong enough to absorb the wage increase they should leave Ontario) while saying nothing about Cannabis prices rising, or Day Care, only that we can give them more of Tax Payers Money to help them not charge more to Tax Payers who have kids in them. The only thing that will happen in the next 2 years, is that any benefit that the working poor got in a minimum wage massive increase will be a 2 year gift at best, after that as inflation affects everything they consume the new higher minimum wage will be just like the old minimum wage with no one feeling richer. I bet when we do a new study in a few years, we can say the 1% had a faster growth rate of wealth again, and the middle class and poor….well we still are either middle class or poor.

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