(Nov. 5/17) Ontario MPP’s have sent Bill 148 to committee for final considerations before it faces third and final reading in the Legislature. The Bill has become infamous as the ‘minimum wage’ Bill, but the 64 amendments to multiple pieces of legislation have severe implications for restauranteurs in Ontario.

Restaurants Canada was called before committee to provide expert testimony on Bill 148. Executive Vice President Joyce Reynolds presented the industry’s views on the significant implications for our sector.

“This proposed legislation could put more than 17,000 jobs at risk in our sector,” Reynolds told the committee.

Restaurants Canada has expressed deep concerns about the pace of implementation. The aggressive timelines will compromise the ability of the sector to absorb all of these additional costs.

“We have grave concerns that countless small businesses and entrepreneurs will be placed at risk of closure, downsizing and reduction of service to the communities they serve,” said Reynolds.

Restaurants Canada continues to call on members to reach out to their MPP’s and candidates in advance of the spring Ontario election. For more information on how to send a note to your MPP, go to savefoodservicejobs.ca

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3 responses to “BILL 148 SENT BACK TO COMMITTEE”

  1. Erin says:

    This is a waste of time. I have emailed and wrote 30 letters that I mailed to everyone and even personally spoke to Morneau. Nobody will take any accountability, and they tell me to write the Premier on the matter as well as Kevin Flynn, which of course I did. Here is Kathleens’ response below. They don’t care. They also don’t seem to understand that servers DO NOT need an increased wage. My servers make more than $25/hr in tips. It’s not like they are a cashier at Walmart trying to raise a family on $11.40 and hour. Even our hosts make $17+ with tip pooling and they are in their teens! I have done my due diligence and the Liberals are set to destroy the economy by bringing in Socialism. Our only hope is to get the Conservatives into power if they could get their shit together. It is a bad time to be an entrepreneur in this province.

    And I can’t paste her response due to a confidentiality warning. The gist is, small business owners are ripping off employees and owe them back. I agree in a lot of industries they are. But not hospitality, it’s a different ballgame. Even in the back of house. We have to pay over $15/hr anyway, otherwise no cook would even look at us. It’s an employees market right now which will be drastically different this time next year. The risk management department of GFS even anticipates that over 40% of restaurants will close down next year. Come Jan 1st, they are removing their 60 and 90 day payment plans because of this. Wynne does not understand our sector at all.

  2. I retired 2 years ago and built a nice restaurant in a small downtown area of Fort
    Frances which now employs 19 new jobs this legislation makes me wish I didn’t

  3. Paul says:

    If you need a hand with MPP contact, or messaging, feel free to get in touch pmckay@restaurantscanada.org. Member advocacy really important, and happy to help you participate in the process.

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