A reminder from the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB):
You may not accept a benefit of any kind from a liquor supplier as an incentive to promote its products. Specifically, licensees may not accept:

  • product discounts in exchange for preferential shelf space;
  • volume discounts;
  • product discounts in exchange for marketing benefits.

In addition, you must carry a selection of brands from a variety of suppliers not associated with each other.
Penalties for failing to follow these rules range up to a maximum fine of $10,000.
Full details are found in this letter from the LCLB.
If you have questions about these requirements, contact the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch at 1-866-209-2111 or (250) 952-5787 from the Victoria area.
Restaurants Canada members: Questions about liquor policy or pricing? Please contact Mark at 604-809-5719 or mark@restaurantscanada.org, or Paul at pmckay@restaurantscanada.org.
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