Restaurants Canada congratulates Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada on their historic win in the Oct. 19th federal election. As one of Canada’s largest employers – and the No. 1 source of first jobs – the restaurant and foodservice industry looks forward to working with our new government to continue building job opportunities, vibrant communities and our culinary landscape.

Read the Liberal Party position on five key foodservice issues

View official election results

This federal election, take your seat at the table as Restaurants Canada puts our industry front and centre. Restaurants nourish our nation! Here’s how we’re spreading the message, and how to make your vote count on Oct. 19.

Many issues that are being raised during this election campaign will have a direct impact on your business. We’re tracking where the parties stand, and will continue to update this information right up to voting day, Oct. 19.

Resources for Foodservice Operators:
Restaurants Canada Election Guide:  Where the Parties Stand on Foodservice Issues

Elections Canada: Look up your Riding and your Candidates
Party Websites
Bloc Québécois:  www.blocquebecois.org

Conservative Party of Canada:  www.conservative.ca

Green Party of Canada:  www.greenparty.ca

Liberal Party of Canada: www.liberal.ca

New Democratic Party of Canada:  www.ndp.ca
Restaurants Canada is putting five key issues on the table with candidates across the country. We invite you to learn more, and to share information about these issues and our industry with your riding candidates.


  1. Credit Card Fees
    The fact that you pay merchant fees on the total restaurant bill, including tip and taxes, creates a $45-million-a-year windfall for big banks at your expense. Read more.
  2. Payroll Taxes
    With the youth unemployment rate stubbornly high, the federal government needs to rethink payroll taxes such as EI and CPP to provide more incentive for creating youth jobs. Read more.
  3. Labour shortage
    Demographic changes point to a worsening labour shortage. Canada needs a national strategy for long-term prosperity. Read more.
  4. Trans Pacific Partnership
    The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks give Canada a chance to modernize our dairy and poultry industries while gaining more access to global markets for all our farm sectors. Read more and visit our TPP resource page for more information.
  5. Nutrition and Fitness
    We worked with the B.C. government to launch the Informed Dining program for chain restaurants and would like to see it become the national standard. Read more.


  1. We employ more than 1.2 million Canadians from coast to coast to coast
  2. We are the number one source of first jobs for young people
  3. We generate $72 billion a year in economic activity, and invest it in people, products and places that help communities thrive
  4. We serve 18 million Canadians a day
  5. We were the number one job creator in 2014

Canada’s Restaurant Industry: Part of Every Community

Canada’s Top Job Creator

Talk to your candidates

There’s no better time to connect with a politician than when he or she is seeking election. Candidates are listening to the concerns of their constituents and what matters in their communities.

Federal Election Participation Guide for Foodservice Operators

Restaurant Industry Questions for Federal Election Candidates
Where does your riding rank?
We’ve compiled a comprehensive listing of the top ridings in Canada for restaurant industry employment and number of restaurants. Find out if your riding made our top 50!


Top 50 Ridings for Restaurant Employment  (view all 338 ridings here)

Top 50 Ridings with the Most Restaurants  (view all 338 ridings here)
Make sure you can vote!
Registered voters can cast their ballots on voting day, Oct. 19, or in an advance poll. If you haven’t received your voter registration card, make sure you’re on the voter registration list.  See the Elections Canada website for details on this and advance voting.
Remember: By law, your employees must have three consecutive hours to cast their vote on Oct. 19. Be aware of the polling hours in your area and make sure your employees have three consecutive hours before or after their shifts to vote.
Connect with us
If you have any feedback you’d like to share, or questions we can help with. we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at info@restaurantscanada.org or 1-800-387-5649.


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