(July 28/15) Restaurants Canada is meeting with federal election candidates across the country to make sure they know about our industry and the issues that matter to you. Our top three federal issues: credit card fees, labour shortage and the Trans Pacific Partnership talks.

You can help too 
Leading up the Oct. 19 election, now is the time to make your voice heard. Use our handy information sheets to talk about these issues with candidates seeking your vote:

Credit card fees
The fact that you pay credit card merchant fees on the total restaurant bill, including tip and taxes, creates a $45-million-a-year windfall for big banks at your expense. In some cases, credit card issuers profit more from a restaurant transaction than you do! Get the information sheet.

Labour shortage
Our Restaurant Outlook Survey shows 42% of foodservice operators face skilled labour shortages, and 24% face unskilled labour shortages. As the labour shortage worsens, Canada needs a national strategy for long-term success. Get the information sheet.

Trans Pacific Partnership
It’s time to modernize supply management. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks give us a chance to bring Canada’s dairy and chicken industries into the 21st century. Canadian restaurants are the second-largest buyer of chicken and dairy in the country. Our industry buys about $5 billion of product a year. We believe a successful TPP agreement will be good for all farmers, businesses and the country as a whole. It will also spur needed innovation, efficiency and desire for growth in the poultry and dairy sectors, which will benefit restaurants and all consumers in Canada. Get the information sheet.


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