(April 15/18): On April 10, Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list was released and included fascinating insights into our country’s foodservice industry, including top bars, eco-friendly restaurants and most innovative chefs, plus much more!

Toronto’s contemporary French dining establishment Alo Restaurant took the coveted top spot, with its chef Patrick Kriss named 2018’s “Outstanding Chef.”

Other award winners included Marc Lepine of Ottawa’s Atelier named “Most Innovative Chef,” Toronto’s La Banane taking “Best New Restaurant,” Daniel Mongraw of Montreal’s Toqué! Winning “Best Pastery Chef” and Toronto’s Actinolite taking the “Most Eco-Friendly Restaurant” award.

Restaurants Canada Directors Jeremy Bonia and Vikram Vij’s dining establishments also made the list, with Bonia’s St. John’s, NFLD, restaurants Raymonds taking the seventh spot and The Merchant Tavern landing at number 58.

Vancouver’s Vij’s was number 50.

The report is full of innovative products and best practices, allowing foodservice professionals to share their vision for Canada’s culinary future.

To review the full list and learn more, click here.


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  1. Chef Farah Shahid says:

    I have great desire work with them.
    It’s possible?

  2. N.T. Diluvian says:

    Pastery chef?

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