Restaurants Canada has been advised that the CDC is considering a second increase in dairy prices in 2016.

We were invited to a consultation meeting on June 24, where we explained the negative impact of a price increase as it relates to your costs for milk and milk by-products. We discussed specific supply issues related to cheese, cream and butter.

The CDC countered with arguments that producer revenues were falling.

They will finish their consultations and analysis, and give us their decision by mid-July. As soon as we hear, we will let you know. If a decision is made to increase prices, it would take effect in Sept. 2016.

We have fought for many years for fair pricing and a modernization of Canada’s supply management system. We were pleased to see Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier come out in favour of a complete phase-out of the system. At the same time, we continue to work to get concessions for you, such as an expansion of the special priced cheese (Class 3D) that we negotiated for pizzerias.

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