Last summer, I made my first visit to Whitehorse. I’m not a frequent traveller, and most of my trips have been for school-related conferences. It was not until my brother moved to Yukon that I considered it a travel destination.

Once I arrived I immediately felt the pleasant vibes that my brother had described. The city of Whitehorse has so much to offer, including a long list of top tier-food options. I have to say the local food and restaurants highly surpassed my expectations. There is such a wide variety of cuisine and everything I ate was excellent quality!

When looking back on the trip, my experience at the restaurants was the highlight (along with seeing my brother, of course!). For this reason it is hard to select a most memorable meal. Each restaurant had a unique offering and the friendliest staff.

Whitehorse’s Big Bear Donair rivals the legendary Halifax Donair on the East Coast. The Italian oven pizza at the Dirty Northern was the perfect ratio of dough to toppings. At one point, I even ate a caribou sausage from a small snack shack! And twice I indulged in a chicken burger with coleslaw as a topping followed by a birch syrup-icecream beer-float from The Deck.

Carleigh enjoys Whitehorse's bounty with her father (left) and brother.

I could continue writing about my epic meal adventures, but I think my point is made. Whitehorse is a foodie destination. The ingredients are fresh and the meals are inspired! Here is a picture of my Dad, brother, and I after a meal of arctic char, sourdough bread pudding, and a pitcher of Yukon Blonde. Also, to top it all off, my brother is anaphylactic to nuts and peanuts. In Whitehorse he has been able to broaden his horizons as every restaurant has accommodated his needs.

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Congratulations Carleigh! Carleigh Sanderson is a PhD student at the University of Ottawa. She wins a Love My Local cheese board for her story.

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