(March 9/17) The Changing Workplaces Review panel has finished its report, with results expected by the end of March. Based on the panel’s interim report and discussions with Restaurants Canada and other groups, we anticipate anti-business recommendations.

Proposals under consideration that would make unionization easier are:

  • Common Employer provisions, which would treat all franchises of a chain as if they were a single employer;
  • sectoral councils, where all similar businesses in a region could unionize together; and
  • card-based certification that could impose unionization without a vote of the workers.

Other recommendations could affect scheduling, part-time versus full-time pay, and other day to day issues that affect your bottom line.

Restaurants Canada has presented the panel with two submissions (login required), and is part of the larger Keep Ontario Working Coalition. We will review the final report and prepare a submission to the Minister of Labour. We’ll make sure our members are heard by the government before it commits to any of the report’s recommendations.


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