Canadian Chef Survey 2017


ore than 560 professional chefs participated in Restaurants Canada’s eighth annual Canadian Chef Survey. They rated a variety of menu items and cooking methods as either a ‘hot trend’ or an ‘up and comer.’

HOT TENDS are the menu items and cooking methods at the peak of popularity.

UP AND COMERS are the menu items that could be the next Hot Trend as interest in these items is quickly increasing.

This research was conducted on behalf of Restaurants Canada by BrandSpark International, a leading Canadian market research company with expertise in the foodservice and restaurant industry.

Results are based on a survey of professional chefs in January, 2017. The Canadian Culinary Federation, Terroir and Restaurants Canada members participated in the survey.

Top 5 "Hot Trends"

1. Craft beer / Microbrews

“Craft beer continues to dominate, but new trends are breaking ground,” says Shanna Munro, Restaurants Canada’s President and CEO. “The restaurant industry is always innovating and experimenting with different flavour palettes to push the boundary.”

Food smoking


Sous vide


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