(Dec. 23/15) Good news! After an eight-year trade dispute, the U.S. government has finally signed legislation repealing Country of Origin Labelling legislation. This dispute has cost Canadian beef and pork producers millions of dollars.

The WTO released a report on December 7, authorizing over a billion dollars of trade tariffs on U.S. products in retaliation for COOL.

In response, Restaurants Canada wrote the ministers of agriculture and trade, saying the tariffs would punish Canadian businesses as much as American. These tariffs included a 100% surtax on food and food products imported from the U.S, many of which you serve in your restaurants. This would have caused a sharp increase in your overall food costs.

The Canadian government demanded that the U.S. immediately repeal COOL to avoid these tariffs. Two weeks later, the American government passed legislation that put an end to COOL.


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