(Apr. 15/15) Restaurants Canada is getting people talking about the value of a craft beer off-sale (i.e. off-premise) program in Ontario. We recently did many media interviews on our proposal that government allow bars and restaurants to sell craft beer for home consumption. Currently, five provinces offer different types of off-sales programs, most restricted to craft beer.

265JR on BNN April 6_CROPPED USE THISRestaurants Canada’s James Rilett talks about how an off-sale program can help our members on BNN, April 6.

Read our press release.

See our article in the Toronto Star.

Watch our interview on BNN.

Why off-sales?
Off-sales would allow restaurants to sell products from craft and micro brewers. If your restaurant supports craft beer and has customers that enjoy it, this program would benefit you.

How it works
The program would not require complex changes, but be an evolution of current practices with trained staff and facilities to serve customers responsibly. Existing licences would be endorsed, similar to hotel room service and bring-your-own-wine-and-take-the-rest-home programs overseen by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).


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