(Sep. 11/13) As the Ontario government reviews a possible price reduction of live chicken due to efficiencies in seed products, CRFA will ensure our members’ long-standing concerns about transparency, costs and rebates are fully represented.

In late August, we submitted our industry’s issues with the cost formula used to determine the price of live chicken. We also requested that when a new formula is decided, members be compensated for overpaying under the current formula. (As the regulations have not changed since 2001, it’s likely this current formula is well outdated.)

Click here (PDF) to read our submission to the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission.

The Commission responded to CRFA and acknowledged the need for a cost production formula that is “both transparent and defensible.” Click here (PDF) to read the Commission’s response.

What’s next?
CRFA will assess the new pricing formula, which is expected by the end of 2013. We will continue to press for past due compensation if it’s clear the restaurant industry has been overcharged for chicken purchases in the past decade.


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