March 4, 2013
TORONTO – Susan Senecal, Chief Marketing Officer of A&W Food Services Canada, was elected Chair of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA) for 2013 – 2014 at the association’s annual meeting today.

Susan is in charge of marketing at A&W, one of the country’s top 10 restaurant brands and franchisors. The chain has grown to 773 locations and over $850 million in sales last year across the country.

As CRFA’s Chair, Susan will lead a business association representing 30,000 members in Canada’s $65-billion restaurant industry – one of the country’s largest employers that provides career opportunities for 1.1 million Canadians. CRFA represents restaurant and foodservice businesses in all provinces and works on behalf of restaurants as a voice to government, source of cutting-edge research and partner for moneysaving programs.

“My first job in the restaurant industry was as a cafeteria cashier in university. Once graduation came along I loved the restaurant business so much, I’ve stayed there ever since,” says Senecal. “Restaurants bring people together, whether it is as a convenience or a great place to spend time with friends. I’ve sat on the CRFA’s board of directors for eight years and have seen firsthand the hard work that CRFA does to help restaurants grow and prosper.”

About Susan Senecal:
Susan has a degree in biology and human genetics from McGill University in Montreal. A part-time job in a Montreal department store cafeteria changed her mind about entering that field. After graduation, she was hired as a management trainee at a local restaurant and loved it. Her passion for the restaurant industry continued to grow and she quickly moved up the career ladder. Susan moved to A&W in 1992 as an Area Manager. She became Regional Director of Operations in 1996, and General Manager, Quebec a year later. In 2002, she was appointed Vice President, Operations. She now lives in Vancouver and took over her current role at A&W last year.

Susan plays a major role in A&W’s work with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. For the last four summers, A&W and the society have created a variety of fundraising events and activities, culminating in Cruising for a Cause Day. Last year, the chain raised $1.25 million toward supporting the society in its mission to find a cure for MS and improve the lives of those touched by the illness.

NOTE TO EDITORS: A high resolution photo of Susan Senecal is available here


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