(Sep. 25/13) As B.C. reviews its liquor policy, CRFA is making a financial case for a 16 per cent wholesale licensee discount within a new flat tax-based liquor markup system, and a simpler, risk-based single liquor establishment licensing system for food/liquor primary establishments.

crfa_pushes_for_a_wholesale_licensee_discount_in_bcCRFA met with Review Chair MLA John Yap to discuss our recommendations on Sept. 23. Click here (PDF) for the final version of our submission. It is also available to the public on the B.C. Liquor Policy Review website.

Our recommendations
We also asked the B.C. government to:

  • replace the current but outdated ad valorem liquor markup tax structure with a flat tax markup for wine and spirits, which would align these products with the existing structure for beer;
  • fully control the decision to grant and dictate the terms of a licence to sell and serve alcohol like in other Canadian provinces (as opposed to sharing control with municipalities);
  • allow licensees to buy alcohol directly from private retailers at quantities and prices negotiated by them, as well as directly from the Liquor Distribution Branch;
  • allow licensees to transfer liquor inventory from one licensed location to another;
  • permit use of liquor pre-mixing machines for liquor menu items like slushy drinks and Sangrias; and
  • allow licensees to adjust liquor prices during the day (to enable “Happy Hour” specials) as long as they remain above the minimum price.

Share your ideas
CRFA is urging members to give their feedback on the B.C. Liquor Policy Review website.
CRFA will follow up with more information directly to our licensed members in the province.


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