February 21, 2014

MONTREAL – Despite a collaborative relationship, the Quebec government has nothing for the restaurant industry in yesterday’s budget.

“Our industry collaborated with government to help curb fiscal evasion, and has been a major contributor on food sovereignty,” said Jean Lefebvre, Vice-President Quebec for the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA). “Given this positive work, it’s a shame the Finance Minister has failed to recognize the importance of the restaurant industry to Quebec’s economy.”

CRFA participated on a special committee set up to address unfair alcohol rules that apply to restaurants, including number of permits required, retroactive taxes, volume rebates, tax differentials and bottle stamping.

“After many meetings with government, we expected some understanding and recognition for our industry’s role in building the province’s economy,” said Lefebvre. “Instead, we were left empty-handed. This is a huge disappointment for our members.”

Quebec’s $13-billion restaurant industry is one of the largest employment- and revenue-generating liquor stakeholders. It directly employs more than 268,000 people in every community across the province.

CRFA is one of Canada’s largest business associations, with 30,000 members representing restaurants, bars, caterers, institutions and other foodservice providers. Canada’s restaurant industry generates $68 billion annually in economic activity and employs more than one million people in communities across the country.


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