(Mar. 12/13) Quebec has curbed fiscal evasion and generated revenue through mandatory sales recording modules (SRMs), and the federal government and other provinces could be tempted to follow suit. SRM installations, however, are an unfair expense and administrative burden for law-abiding restaurants.

In response, CRFA has intensified efforts to work with government on a solution that does not punish the vast majority of restaurants that pay their taxes. In a February meeting with Ministry of Revenue officials, we pushed instead for a focus on the root cause of the problem – the developers and installers of zapper software.

Click here (PDF) to read our letter to the Minister of Revenue Gail Shea.

CRFA action in Quebec
When SRM legislation was introduced in Quebec in 2009-2010, CRFA successfully lobbied the government to provide our members with subsidies to help manage the cost of these expensive tax technologies.


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