(Sep. 25/13) CRFA presented the pros and cons of Calgary’s proposed food truck bylaw to the Planning and Urban Development Standing Policy Committee of Council earlier this month.

What’s good
CRFA commended the move to protect existing restaurant investments through food truck-prohibited zones in areas of the city with many restaurants. This provision prevents food trucks from operating within 25 metres of a restaurant, and allows a maximum of two food trucks per block.

Our recommendations
CRFA urged Council to amend the bylaw by including an annual survey on the effect of food truck expansion on existing restaurants, and placing a cap on new food trucks until the impact is better understood. We also recommended a more significant penalty for food trucks that operate within 25 metres of a restaurant, as a $300 fine is an insufficient deterrent.

CRFA in the media
After our presentation, CRFA did media interviews on food trucks with Global TV, CBC TV and radio, News Talk 770 (QR77), and the Calgary Herald.

The Council later followed our recommendation and amended the bylaw to add an impact study on restaurants. This change takes effect Oct. 31, 2013.


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