(Feb. 26/14) CRFA recommends all employers thoroughly review education requirements listed by government for each occupation NOC Code before submitting LMO applications.
A CRFA member was recently refused an LMO for an NOC 6641 position for specifying high school education as a requirement, when it is not listed by government.

Other recent LMO issues include:

  • aligning LMO application timing with the intended start of new location openings, to ensure temporary foreign workers (TFWs) have enough work at the stated location from the time they arrive in Canada;
  • sufficiently showing the employer is actively engaged in the business that made the offer of TFW employment.

Budget implications
The Feb. 11 federal budget proposed to invest millions of dollars to strengthen the LMO process to ensure “Canadians are given the first chance at available jobs” and the “LMO process operates in the national interest.” The government also intends to limit the program’s use in high-unemployment regions.

CRFA has asked for clarification on these issues.


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