(Jan. 29/14) CRFA is working with our quick-service restaurant members to fight Squamish District Council’s proposal to ban future drive-through businesses. In a letter to the Mayor and Council, we asked that they remove the drive-through ban policy and postpone further decisions until local operators have a chance to discuss the issue with Council.

We explained the impact of such a blanket ban, and corrected misperceptions about the effect of drive-throughs in the community. Our arguments noted that:

  • drive-through operators were not consulted on business and customer impact;
  • affected businesses provide numerous economic and employment benefits to the community, and support sustainable development;
  • Council offered no rationale or evidence for the proposed ban;
  • Council already has the authority to prevent drive-throughs on a case-by-case basis, which removes the need for a comprehensive ban;
  • people overwhelmingly support drive-throughs, because they offer a fast, convenient and safe way for people to visit restaurants (especially busy people on the go, parents with small children, people with mobility challenges, and the elderly).

Prior to the Jan. 21 Council meeting to discuss this ban, CRFA spoke to the Squamish Reporter in an effort to engage the public on this issue.

Click here(PDF) to read our letter to the Squamish District Council.


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