The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) has announced a 2% increase to the industrial milk price, effective Feb. 1, 2016. This increase will affect the price of cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream. It’s also a benchmark for fluid milk prices, which are set by provincial marketing boards.

At the same time, we learned the CDC had to import an extra 8.8 million pounds of butter in late 2015, more than double the imports for the rest of the year, to cover shortages.

This is more evidence that the supply management system isn’t working.

Restaurants Canada continues to press the CDC for more reasonable pricing.

In 2013, Restaurants Canada worked with the CDC to lower the price of mozzarella cheese used for making pizza. This year there will only be a marginal increase to the price of 3 (d) class cheese. Full details on this program are available here.

Read our press release on the milk price increase and the original CDC release.

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