(Apr. 30/14) Unlike the Montreal boroughs of Anjou and Côte-des-Neiges/NDG, St-Laurent is not open to working with the restaurant industry on finding a suitable alternative to a drive-through ban. In our April 11 meeting, St-Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa told us he plans to split the borough in two, to create an industrial sector and a residential sector. New restaurants with drive-throughs will only be allowed in the industrial sector. Existing restaurants with drive-throughs in the residential sector may continue to operate; however, if they wish to relocate within the sector, they must meet the borough’s new environmental building standards.

Restaurants Canada is concerned with this partial ban because it deters restaurants from growing in the residential sector where business is better. It also sets a dangerous precedent for other boroughs considering similar bans. Restaurants Canada is attending a council meeting today to share our members’ concerns.


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