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Minimum Wage

CHART: Minimum Wage by Province

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Tips and Gratuities

Ontario members – New rules about tipping

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ONTARIO: Bill 12, Protecting Employees’ Tips Act

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Positive and Inclusive Workplace

Inclusive Workplace – Employees with Disabilities

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Alberta Minimum Wage



Parental and Caregiving Benefits and Leaves Could Change (Nov. 3/16)


Talking Minimum Wage with United Conservative Party Leaders in Alberta (Oct. 5/17)

Alberta Party Leader Calls on Alberta Government to Freeze Minimum Wage (Oct. 5/17)

Restaurants Canada Invited to Participate in Youth Employment Standards Review (Oct. 5/17)

Minimum Wage Increasing in Alberta (Sept. 24/17)

Alberta Labour Review Update and Next Steps (Apr. 20/17)

Survey: Has Alberta’s Minimum Wage Impacted You? (Feb. 23/17)

British Columbia

Minimum Wage Increasing in BC (Sept. 24/17)

Restaurants Canada Meets with New BC Labour Minister (Sept. 24/17)

BC Sticks to Previously-Announced Minimum Wage Increases (Aug. 28/17)

B.C.’s Unclear Election Results Leave Three Restaurant Issues Up In The Air (May 16/17)

High Heels and Dress Codes: What You Need to Know (Mar. 24/17)

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Introduces New Public Holiday (May 5/17)

Atlantic Canada Minimum Wages to Increase April 1 (Mar. 24/17)

N.B. Restaurateurs Get Four Extra Months to Prepare for Minimum Wage Increase (Jan. 26/17)

Newfoundland and Labrador

Atlantic Canada Minimum Wages to Increase April 1 (Mar. 24/17)

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Government to Introduce New Unpaid Leaves (Sept. 24/17)

Atlantic Canada Minimum Wages to Increase April 1 (Mar. 24/17)


Help Sustain Pressure on the Ontario Government (Oct. 5/17)

Restaurants Canada Directors and Staff Meet With PC Leader Patrick Brown (Sept. 13/17)

Ontario Minimum Wage Forum: What We Learned (Sept. 8/17)

Ontario Government Considers Minimum Wage Relief for Restaurants (Aug. 10/17)

Ontario Minimum Wage Hearings Wrap Up (July 20/17)

Ontario Minimum Wage Hearings Have Begun (July 13/17)

Ontario Minimum Wage – letter template (June 5/17)


Prince Edward Island

Atlantic Canada Minimum Wages to Increase April 1 (Mar. 24/17)


Minimum Wage Increasing in Saskatchewan (Sept. 24/17)