(Nov. 17/16) Restaurants Canada told Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Donald Arsenault that the province’s plan to restrict teen work would hurt young people and the restaurant industry.

In our meeting, we reiterated that the restaurant industry is the number one source of first jobs, giving youth valuable work experience, job and social skills, and income. New Brunswick restaurants currently employ 4,800 teenagers. Restricting these young people from working in a restaurant would:

• rob them of valuable first-job experience;
• restrict their ability to save for their education;
• hurt New Brunswick’s family income; and
• create labour shortages for small business operators.

Other industry issues
During our meeting, we also discussed workers’ compensation rates, the need for a rate-setting mechanism for minimum wage, and the problems with a new February holiday. Minister Arsenault committed to work with us to ensure youth employment is not jeopardized.


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