(May 27/18) Businesses in the foodservice industry try to waste as little food as possible because waste means lost profits. But it happens.

What do you do when you find yourself with good food that cannot be used? FoodRescue.ca is a new online platform created by Second Harvest and funded by the province of Ontario which connects businesses with organizations that will distribute food to those in need.

Studies have shown that a lot of potential food donations are lost because businesses have trouble locating organizations that will pick-up and redistribute the donations. FoodRescue.ca allows businesses to easily specify what they have to donate with parameters for time of pick-up and other details. Organizations are then given the opportunity to “claim” and pick-up the donation.

Currently the program is running in Toronto, Sudbury and the Niagara region but plans are in place to roll it out across the province in the summer.

Check out their website at FoodRescue.ca to learn more about the program and how your business might participate.


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