Canada’s restaurateurs and foodservice operators place a top priority on food safety, and offer a range of menu options for consumers to meet their dietary needs and preferences. These principles guide our work on food and nutrition issues:

10 Guiding Principles (hover to view)

  1. Healthy living is a priority for Canadians and the restaurant industry
  2. We take every measure to ensure the food we serve is safe
  3. We strive to accommodate individual preferences and dietary requirements
  4. Our people are critical to our success and crucial in delivering on our commitment to healthy living
  5. We play a role in building healthy communities and healthy neighbourhoods
  6. Evidence-based research informs what we do and we continually innovate through menu evolution to introduce healthy options that meet consumer demand
  7. We are the place where Canadians celebrate special occasions with friends and family
  8. We are a rich and vibrant industry that reflects and rejoices in Canada’s cultural diversity
  9. We provide nutrition information in many different ways to assist Canadians in making informed food choices
  10. We engage in gate-to-plate partnerships to ensure a co-ordinated approach and success in improving the health of Canadians


Food Safety

National Food Safety Training Program 20% discount for Restaurants Canada members (PDF download)

Food Safety During Emergencies

After a Fire
Power Outage
Boil-water Advisory
Take-out Foods

Food Allergies

Food Allergies: A Guide for Restaurants
EpiPen Emergency Kit for Restaurants Canada members

Recalls & Warnings

WHO report on red meat and processed meat
Mechanically tenderized meat

Informed Dining Program

Informed Dining Program

Calorie Posting

Ontario’s Healthy Choices Act, Bill 45
How to standardize your recipes: BC Government Online Recipe Tool


How to Reduce Sodium in Menu Items: Restaurants Canada members, log on to our Member Portal for your free copy of this step-by-step guide.

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Animal Welfare

Broiler chickens



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New Brunswick

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