(Mar 24/17) Food trucks may be converging on downtown Fredericton if a proposed food truck venue gets the green light.

Restaurants Canada has weighed in on the proposal. We want a balance between the need for food trucks to serve under-utilized areas and special events, with fairness for brick-and-mortar restaurants who pay thousands of dollars in municipal taxes and fees each year.

We’ll accept the expansion of food truck licensing under these conditions:

  • Food trucks must adhere to the same regulatory requirements as restaurants – including food safety, signage, solid waste separation, and washroom availability for staff and the public.
  • Food trucks can’t operate directly in front of a restaurant, and must have a buffer zone of at least 100 metres from existing foodservice establishments.
  • Licence fees must take the cost of municipal infrastructure, as well as the taxes and fees paid by brick-and-mortar restaurants, into consideration.



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