(August 07/18) Restaurants Canada has made an important first step on behalf of foodservice operators who would like to offer their customers the ability to order beer and wine with their takeout or delivery meals in the province of Manitoba.

James Rilett, Restaurants Canada Vice President, Central Canada, recently met with representatives from Manitoba’s government and the province’s Liquor and Gaming Authority (LGA) to discuss the idea. The meeting resulted in an invitation for Restaurants Canada to help the LGA draft a proposal for the provincial government to consider.

Alcohol delivery is not new in Manitoba. Producers and retailers are currently permitted to deliver wine, liquor and beer products purchased for personal use directly to customers within the province. Residents of Manitoba can even order alcohol from third-party delivery agents, such as Skip the Dishes.

Restaurants Canada is proposing that restaurants and other foodservice businesses should be able to provide their customers with the same service.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can send them to James Rilett, Restaurants Canada Vice President, Central Canada, at jrilett@restaurantscanada.org.


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