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Hungry for Chicken? Chickan’t afford me anymore

A proposed 10% increase put forward by a government appointed board, means that restaurants and the public will be hit with another significant cost increase they cannot afford.
10% More Expensive

In a world where restaurants are already fighting an uphill battle, a proposed 10% increase in chicken prices threatens to tip the scales against them. With over half of restaurants barely staying afloat (62%), this hike could push them over the edge.

Restaurants Canada strongly urges the British Columbia government to intervene and protect restaurants and consumers from the BC Chicken Marketing Board’s proposed increase cost of chicken. The cost of chicken in British Columbia is already, on average, the highest in Canada.

Competitively priced BC chicken is integral to the foodservice industry’s success. As the most consumed meat protein in the province, as well as being a healthy and versatile menu item, a dramatic increase in its cost will place undue burden on restaurants, both large and small.

This proposed increase will not just harm the restaurants that feed communities, but consumers as well.

Join us in preserving not just meals, but memories. Say no to sky-high chicken prices and keep our communities cooking!