(Apr. 15/15)

Our Vision for Alberta’s Foodservice Industry

The provincial election on May 5 is an ideal opportunity for you to ensure the Alberta government understands the foodservice industry’s enormous contribution to the economy, as well as communities across the province.

The restaurant and foodservice industry brings jobs, investment, innovation and tourism to Alberta, while creating a focal point for people to gather. Restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops and bars are gathering spots for people from all walks of life, and operators are proud to serve as a social club for seniors, the sponsor of the local hockey or sports team, the boardroom of small business, and a meeting place for community groups. A business climate that enables this important industry to compete and succeed should be a top public policy priority for the next provincial government. A policy environment that solidifies a partnership between the innovative restaurant industry and government is a recipe for success.

Alberta’s foodservice industry is a significant employer and contributor to Alberta’s economy. With the right policies and business conditions, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to economic and employment growth. Working with Restaurants Canada, the government must help create an environment where foodservice businesses can prosper and foster healthy, vibrant communities.

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Foodservice operators and our employees are an integral part of the economical and social fabric of Alberta. In financial terms, our industry is made up of 10,000 small business operators generating $11 billion in sales. On top of this, for every dollar spent in a restaurant, an additional $1.85 is spent in the rest of the economy. With close to150,000 employees, we are the fourth-largest private-sector employer in Alberta providing significantly more jobs than farming, finance and insurance, and forestry combined. Our industry created 6,600 jobs in 2014 alone.


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