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(Sept. 18/14) Restaurants Canada invites our members in British Columbia to share their input on liquor enforcement penalties. B.C. Liquor Review Chair John Yap’s 73 recommendations included a review of:

  • liquor enforcement penalties to ensure they are fair and appropriate relative to other jurisdictions; and
  • the impact of different penalties (suspension versus monetary) on different sizes of establishments and their staff.

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) is following up on these recommendations with a consultation paper and questionnaire for Restaurants Canada and other interested parties.

Restaurants Canada is asking members to read the consultation paper and provide any input they would like to see in our official submission. Please e-mail your answers and feedback to Restaurants Canada’s Mark von Schellwitz by Sept. 26. Licensees may also send in their own submission directly to the LCLB. 


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