(Jul. 4/13) Halifax Water may issue a boil water advisory, July 5 to 7, if an alternative water supply is needed during construction on the main waterline from Pockwock Lake.

If Halifax Water issues a boil water advisory, it will apply to operations located in the grey zone of this map.

FAQs during a boil water advisory (Source: Nova Scotia Agriculture)

1. What will happen to my water during construction?

Due to the flow reversal in the water distribution system, you may see some discoloration in your water.

2. Is the discoloured water safe to drink?

Yes, the discoloured water is safe for drinking, cooking and bathing.

3.  If a boil water advisory is issued can I still drink my water?

No, you cannot drink your water if a boil advisory is issued. In the case of a boil water advisory, you will need to do the following to produce drinking water:

Boil your tap water to a rolling boil for 1 minute.

Allow water to cool before using.

Store cooled water in a clean container with a lid.

Alternatively, you can use commercial bottled water.

 4. How do I make my beverages during a boil advisory?  

Do not use any tap water for preparation of beverages.

Do not use any automated beverage equipment that is connected to the water supply such as fountain pop/ soda machines or slushie machines.

Commercial coffee machines can be used during a boil advisory if they maintain temperatures within the water tank of88C – 90C, or if liquids, upon leaving the machine funnel, have a minimum temperature of 72C.

For customer water service, use either water that has been boiled for at least one minute or commercially bottled water.

5. How does the boil advisory affect food preparation in my commercial kitchen?                 

Tap water may be used for the preparation of cooked foods.

Vegetables may be cooked in boiling water.

Salad greens, raw vegetables or fruit may only be washed with bottled water or tap water that has been boiled.

6. How does the boil advisory affect my ice-making machine?

Do not use ice that has been prepared from unacceptable water. Shut off the ice machine and be prepared to clean and sanitize the ice machine prior to future use when the boil advisory has been lifted.

Purchase ice that has been secured from an approved source or use tap water that has been boiled for at least one minute.

7. Is it suitable to run produce misters during a boil advisory?

No. Discontinue use of produce misters immediately when the boil advisory is issued. Once the boil advisory is lifted, follow manufacturers’ instructions to disinfect the mister system prior to operating the misters.

8. Can I use my dishwasher for cleaning my dishes and utensils?

Commercial dishwashing machines that have a sanitizing cycle either through high temperature water or a chemical sanitizer are acceptable for use during this advisory. Ensure all dishes are left to air dry. Vulnerable populations can choose to boil tap water prior to washing dishes, use commercially bottled water or use single service utensils during the boil advisory.

9. Can I wash my hands in tap water during this boil advisory?

Yes.  Washing your hands in tap water is safe, but do not ingest the water. It is recommended that you post signs in all washrooms reminding customers that the tap water is unacceptable for drinking.

10. Where can I find additional information on boil advisories?

Listen to local media for all up-to-date information or call Halifax Water’s Customer Service at 490-4820. You can also visit Halifax Water at http://www.halifax.ca/, through Twitter @HalifaxWater or through the Halifax Regional Municipality at www.halifax.ca.


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