(Jul. 17/13) CRFA expects Halifax Regional Water Commission’s (HRWC’s) proposed water rate increase of 60 per cent will be reduced to about 30 per cent over two years for restaurants. This follows the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board’s (NSUARB’s) decision on HRWC’s original proposal – NSUARB made specific recommendations on the rate-setting process and requested a new rates schedule, which is expected shortly.

CRFA spoke out in the media and lobbied NSUARB hard to reject HRWC’s 60-per-cent water rate hike. We’re pleased that the expected reduction in the water rate increase will save the average restaurateur $2,000.

Increases for commercial users are too steep to bear [and] they’ll cost the average restaurant owner an extra $5,000 a year…the HRWC should focus more on conservation education, which would reduce the load on the aging system.
– CRFA’s Luc Erjavec on proposed water rate increases, Cape Breton Post, April 15

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