(Oct. 5/17) On October 1, the general minimum wage increased to .60/hour with proportional increases to the student wage and alcohol server wage. In two short months the general minimum wage is scheduled to increase to .

Restaurants Canada is pushing hard for mitigation measures to offset the cost of the minimum wage increases to your business and is in discussions with key ministries and the premier’s office.

We Need Your Help!

It’s important to contact as many MPPs as possible to ensure that the offsets the government is considering will have direct benefits for our labour-intensive industry and your business. They must hear from constituents in their ridings.

Resources to Help You Join the Fight

  • Send a customized email to your MPP
  • Arrange a meeting with your MPP
  • Tell your story to your MPP

You must act quickly. Decisions are being made now about mitigation measures. MPPs will be in their ridings next week for break week so do not delay.

To access online resources to help you do this, please contact Paul McKay at 1-800-387-5649 x 4225 or pmckay@restaurantscanada.org and ask for the website, username and password.


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