(Jan. 13/15) Restaurants Canada is pressuring the Ontario government to change how beer is sold to restaurants, bars and pubs, but we need your help.

Timeline: Recent action

  • Dec. 9 – The Toronto Star breaks the news about The Beer Store’s secret deal with the LCBO.
  • Dec. 10 – Restaurants Canada asks the Competition Bureau to rule on whether this deal contradicts the Competition Act.
  • Dec. 12 – Restaurants Canada calls on the Ontario government to cancel the sweetheart deal that gives The Beer Store exclusive rights to sell beer to licensees.
  • Dec. 13 – Restaurants Canada member David Hughes (The Poacher) launches a class action suit against The Beer Store and involved parties.
  • Jan. 7 – The Beer Store proposes cosmetic ownership changes that will have no effect on the system or the price paid by licensees – a fact Restaurants Canada shares in media interviews.

Throughout the months of December and January, Restaurants Canada also explained in media interviews how this sweetheart deal hurts our members.

What can you do? 
Join the conversation and help us bring fair beer prices to Ontario.

  • Sign our petition.
  • Use social media to spread the word about this issue. Use the hashtag #CanTheDeal.
  • Contact your local media outlets and tell them how this policy hurts local businesses.
  • Contact your local MPP and tell him or her to cancel the sweetheart beer deal.

235Jamie BNN CROPPEDRestaurants Canada’s James Rilett on BNN, Dec. 10, 2014. View the clip.


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