Tabasco® Pepper Sauce Deal

Purchase two cases of 5oz Tabasco® Pepper Sauce (any flavour) and receive 12 FREE Tabasco caddies and an exclusive 20oz bottle of Tabasco® Brand Sriracha, a brand new product in the Canadian market.

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Save with The Printing House

Stand out with The Printing House. Buy four or more 8’ premium tear drop advertising flags with outdoor and indoor base included and receive them for $189 each (regular price $300). Printed FAST, made in Canada, and delivered in 2-3 business days.

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15% Off Vegan Mayonnaise & Pure Sunflower Oil

Save on A&M Gourmet Foods’ Non-GMO Project Verified 16L Pure Sunflower Oil (JIB), and 4.5L and 10L Vayonnaise Vegan Mayonnaise. Minimum order required is $350 within the GTA (including delivery). For customers outside the GTA, delivery charges will be determined based on the delivery address.

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Recruitment & Retention Service Discount

Mercan Group is offering a $1,000 discount on recruitment or retention services for Restaurants Canada members subject to the following conditions: (1) valid Restaurant Canada Membership (2) you are a new client to Mercan Group of Companies (3) Initiate services prior August 31, 2017.

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Hobart Dish Machine Leasing

You deserve the best! Lease your Hobart dish machine today and cut down on your costly soap bills. Hobart dish machines are more efficient, use less energy, and require less soap and rinse aid to properly sanitize your dishes, pots and pans.

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17-19% Off Mezze Magic

Mezze Magic is an exceptional line of  ‘on trend’ Mediterranean and Middle Eastern fares. Perfect for fresh summer menu concepts and healthy vegetarian recipes. Discount paid by rebate directly to the operator.

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15% Off Dunnwell Custom Furnishings

Introducing Dunnwell Custom Furnishings, your source for Canadian-made solid wood restaurant tables, chairs, stools and seating. Choose from our current line or ask about our custom capabilities. Give us a try and save 15%.

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15% Off Organic Cold Brew Concentrate

Tap into one of the hottest beverage trends of 2017 with 15% off Kohana Organic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate all summer long! Endless versatility with this shelf-stable application—martinis, G&T, milkshakes, sodas and more! Available exclusively through Gerhards Importers Canada.

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15% Off Legal Services

Dale & Lessmann LLP is pleased to offer Restaurants Canada members 15% off their first invoice for select legal services.

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Classico Short Stem Glasses

The brand new all-purpose D&V crystal Classico short stem glasses from Fortessa Table Solutions have arrived at a special Restaurants Canada price. The unique crystal glass composition give these premium products a highly desirable and durable quality.

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Up to 50% Off Select Tiger Products

Tiger is a 90 year-old high-end houseware and appliance manufacturer from Japan. Take advantage of savings up to 50% off on select Tiger products from Orient Depot.

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15% Off Sweetbird Products

Receive 15% off Sweetbird and Zuma smoothies, frappes, iced teas, fruit and chocolate syrups. Vegan, vegetarian and non-GMO products. Offering the best available products for 34 years.

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20% Off Hyr Staffing Services

Go from understaffed to overjoyed with Hyr! Driven by market pricing, legislative compliance, and a huge selection of skilled workers, Hyr is an innovative solution for businesses to find talent, when needed most. Use promo code RC20 and get 20% off your first Hyr.

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Ecolab Brushes & Sweeps Sale

Save on Ecolab’s durable deck brushes, outdoor sweeps and cleaning supplies. Get fresher and safer vegetables with the antimicrobial fruit and vegetable treatment. Say goodbye to dirty drain flies with Ecolab’s sanitizing Wash ‘n’ Walk cleaning solution.

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20% Off Staffy Services

Expert staff at a reasonable rate? No longer a myth. Allow us to introduce ourselves with this exclusive offer of 20% off our services. Staffy can provide expert quality staff for your business in as little 90 minutes of your request!

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50% Off Mobile Technology Solutions

Zuzapp™ is offering 50% off on mobile technology solutions to retail, hotels, restaurants, organizations and businesses. We have customers on every single continent, with the exception of Antarctica…we’re still working on that. Our delighted customers come in all sizes—independent businesses, boutique brands, large global chains, and management companies.

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