Ontario minimum wage goes up Oct. 1

(Apr. 6/17) Ontario has announced 20-cent increases to hourly minimum wage rates, taking effect Oct. 1, 2017. Plan ahead!


Ontario will make it easier to apply for liquor licences

(Apr. 6/17) The AGCO is responding to our concerns! Starting this fall, new applicants and current licensees seeking changes will be able to apply through the AGCO’s new online portal.


Small business taxes get better for N.B. restaurateurs

(Apr. 6/17) Changes to small business tax rates and credits are good news for New Brunswick members.


Craft beer markups drop in Nova Scotia

(Apr. 6/17) As of April 1, craft beer sold directly to N.S. licensees will see a different markup.


Get free training to prevent injuries in Nova Scotia

(Apr. 6/17) The Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation Board hosts a series of nine free training sessions across the province.


Making accessibility work for restaurants and customers in Nova Scotia

(Apr. 6/17) Restaurants Canada shared the foodservice industry’s views on Bill 59, The Accessibility Act. See our recommendations.


The N.L. budget has tasty morsels for restaurant operators

(Apr. 7/17) The Newfoundland and Labrador budget drops the Gas Tax. Here’s what you need to know.


Free education program for B.C. liquor licensees

(Apr. 6/17) B.C. licensees: Are you aware of all the changes made to liquor laws earlier this year? You can get free training to bring you up to speed and succeed.