What B.C.’s first minority government in 65 years means for foodservice

Published June 2, 2017

The B.C. Liberals and Premier Christy Clarke fell one seat short of a majority government, which has created an unstable political environment – and uncertainty for the restaurant industry. On May 30, the BC NDP and Green Party announced an agreement that enables the BC NDP to govern in a minority government situation. It’s likely that B.C. will see a new NDP-led government in late June. However, even with Green support, it won’t be a stable majority. In all likelihood, B.C.’s minority government will not last the full, four-year term.

An NDP Green Coalition government could be bad news for the restaurant industry. For example, the NDP Green agreement promises to set up a commission to look at implementing a $15 minimum wage in the first term. This move would hurt your ability to create jobs. We’re not opposed to minimum wage increases, but believe they need to be phased in over a reasonable timeframe.


Add your voice
Restaurants Canada will continue to reach out to new and returning MLAs from each of the three main parties on the value of the hospitality industry and the benefits it provides in each of the 87 provincial ridings. You can help too! Educate your MLA on your business’s importance to the local community and tell them about the issues that affect our industry. Use this handy infographic to share our industry’s impact!



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