Beer Canada launches petition to stop government escalating tax plan

Published January 18, 2018

Restaurants Canada is urging its members to get behind Beer Canada’s campaign directed at the federal government’s automatic excise duty escalator. The new taxes raise duties on alcohol on top of the March 2017 two per cent tax increase by annually raising the rate every April 1, in alignment with adjustments to the Consumer Price Index.

Beer Canada claims that high tax rates already account for 47% of the cost for each bottle of beer and that Canada’s beer economy contributes $13.6 billion to our national GDP.

In a January 16 media release, Beer Canada Chair George Croft said, “Imagine being stuck on an escalator going up and up, and you cannot get off, and you cannot make it stop – that’s what beer lovers in Canada are facing with this escalator tax. We need people who love beer to help us axe the escalator tax.”

The release goes on to state that a Conference Board of Canada report says that beer consumption throughout Canada has declined by 10% due to a series of unfriendly economic factors including high taxes.

Use the hashtag #axethebeertax to direct your customers to the website where they can sign a petition attempting to stop the rising taxes. The site also encourages signatories to contact their MP and federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau.


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